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At Singapore Plumber we are committed to deliver high-quality and affordable plumbing solution. Here are some frequently asked questions from our clients.

You may easily book our service by giving us a call at 8146 0066. We’re always a call away for your plumbing needs.
We are committed in providing up to a 60-day warranty period in our services depending on your plumbing case. As for the product being installed, it will depend on the manufacturere’s warranty period.

Our plumbing rates vary depending on the job.  We charge based on the plumbing job and not by the hour. To give you an idea of how much we charge, you may refer here.  Our plumber will also assess your plumbing needs to give you 100% transparent pricing. You will know the cost before we start any plumbing job.

Toilets are simple structures, but sometimes they can have problems that you can’t fix. The most common reason why your toilet is not flushing properly is because of a clog. 

There are several causes that make way for leaks in your sink. It may be faulty p-traps, clogged water supplies, and poor sink, drain pipe connections, among many others. 

You don’t have to worry about damaging your floor if you want to change your toilet. Typically, there is silicon placed between the toilet bowl and the ground. But if your toilet bowl is directly attached to the flooring, our experts will just remove the bowl itself. 

It is possible that the repair work was not as perfect as you imagined. This may be due to the poor quality of the repair work or the debris inside your toilet. 


It may be an electrical problem, an issue with gas, or the water heater itself is failing. Get it checked by a professional to ensure the safety of your family and your home. 

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