6 Signs It's Time to Call an Emergency Plumber in Singapore

Plumbing emergencies aren’t fun for anyone. If you suspect your pipes are about to burst or if you discover that water is leaking in a hidden place, it’s probably time to call an emergency plumber in Singapore.

An emergency plumber in Singapore can quickly assess the problem and take action before the problem gets worse and endangers your home or business. Here are some red flags that indicate you should immediately call for repair services.

Signs You Need To Call An Emergency Plumber In Singapore

Water suddenly sputtering out from a faucet.

If you notice water suddenly sputtering from a faucet, this is a sign that a pipe has a crack.

This water pipe issue needs immediate repair. While you can temporarily shut off the water supply, you won’t be able to take care of a damaged pipe. This can lead to flooding and damage to your home’s structure.

You smell a foul odour coming from your toilet or drain.

If you notice a foul odour coming from your toilet or drain, it’s possible that your pipes are clogged. As waste travels through pipes, it can form clogs and cause foul odours. If you notice these signs, you may want to wait it out and see if the issue resolves itself.

But if the issue persists, you could be dealing with a major clog that is dangerous for your home. You may want to call a plumber at this point, especially if you have small children in your house. A clog can endanger the health of your entire family.

Pipes are discoloured in more than one spot.

If you notice that the pipes in your walls are discoloured in more than one spot, this could be a sign that you have a leaky pipe. Leaky pipes can lead to water damage to your home. This needs an immediate repair.

This is especially problematic if the leak is in your water service pipe. A major leak in your water service pipe can cause a water outage for your entire neighbourhood.

You discover you have an obstruction in your toilet or drain pipe.

If you have a clog in your toilet or pipe, you may be able to remove the clog by plunging the toilet or using a drain cleaner. But if you have an obstruction in your toilet or pipe that you cannot remove on your own, this is a sign that you need an emergency plumber.

Additionally, if your toilet or drain is running slowly, you could have a serious clog that needs to be dealt with immediately.

Your water heater fails to work.

A malfunctioning water heater may cause a lack of hot water or too hot water. If your water heater still doesn’t work after checking the breaker box or pilot light, you’ll need a plumber to get it working again.

You have an overflowing toilet.

There are a range of reasons why a toilet might overflow, including clogged pipes or a damaged float mechanism.

This issue is a huge hassle to handle every time you need to temporarily turn off the water supply.  You may try to use a plunger first to unclog your toilet. However, if it is still not working, you need an emergency plumber for a quick fix.

The Bottom Line

There are some signs that indicate you need to call an emergency plumber. If you notice water gushing from a faucet or toilet, if your water service stops, or if you smell a foul odor coming from your toilet or drain, you may have a clog in your pipes that needs to be cleared out.

If your pipes are discolored in more than one spot in your walls, you may have a leaky pipe that needs repair. An emergency plumber in Singapore can help you with immediate repair.

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